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Two papers accepted at ACL

- CONAN - COunter NArratives through Nichesourcing: a Multilingual Dataset of Responses to Fight Online Hate Speech
- FASTDial: Abstracting Dialogue Policies for Fast Development of Task Oriented Agents

Natural Language Processing for Creative Language

As part of the Spring of artificial intelligence seminar series "A Taste of AI at FBK", Carlo Strapparava will hold a seminar on "Natural Language Processing for Creative Language"

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Cross-linguality and machine translation without bilingual data

Prof. Eneko Agirre will show how it is possible to translate between two languages without having any bilingual data.

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COSMIANU: metodologia e sfide di un corpus di enunciati nominali dal web

Gloria Comandini's talk "COSMIANU: metodologia e sfide di un corpus di enunciati nominali dal web"

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Paper accepted at WASSA 2018

Ilia Markov, Vivi Nastase, Carlo Strapparava, and Grigori Sidorov. The role of emotions in native language identification.

Master Thesis Prize in Computational Linguistics 2018

The best master thesis in computational linguistics defended at an Italian University has been assigned to Enrica Troiano

New annotated corpus available: COSMIANU

COSMIANU - Corpus Of Social Media Italian Annotated with Nominal Utterances - is now available for download

"Between embeddings and neural models: New methods and perspectives about language technologies for Italian"

Bernardo Magnini's talk at the University of Trento: "Between embeddings and neural models: New methods and perspectives about language technologies for Italian"

New annotated corpus available: DPD - Diabetic Patients Diary

DPD - Diabetic Patients Diary - is now available for download

Papers to be presented at CLiC-it 2018

Four papers will be presented at CLiC-it, which will take place in Turin on December 10-12, 2018

Two papers accepted at SCAI

- Exploring Named Entity Recognition As an Auxiliary Task for Slot Filling in Conversational Language Understanding
- A Methodology for Evaluating Interaction Strategies of Task-Oriented Conversational Agents

NLP4AI - 2nd Workshop on Natural Language for Artificial Intelligence

The NL4AI 2018 workshop, co-located @ AIxIA conference, will be held in Trento on November 20th-23rd, 2018

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Two papers accepted at AI*IA 2018

- Detecting Inappropriate Comments to News
- CH1: A Conversational System to Calculate Carbohydrates in a Meal

New paper published

Manuela Speranza and Rachele Sprugnoli. Annotation of Temporal Information on Historical Texts: A Small Corpus for a Big Challenge.

Long paper accepted at EMNLP 2018

Title:  A Computational Exploration of Exaggeration
Authors:  Enrica Troiano, Carlo Strapparava, Gözde Özbal and Serra Sinem Tekiroglu

Multimodal Sensing of Human Behavior

The speakers will describe a multimodal framework that allows for capturing multiple diverse signals that are reflective of human behaviors

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Paper accepted at SIGDIAL 2018

Marco Guerini, Simone Magnolini, Vevake Balaraman and Bernardo Magnini. Toward zero-shot Entity Recognition in Task-oriented Conversational Agents.

Paper accepted at COLING 2018

Title: Punctuation as Native Language Interference
Authors:  Ilia Markov, Vivi Nastase and Carlo Strapparava

AI*IA 2018 - Trento, 20-23 November

The 17th International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA 2018) will take place in Trento, Italy, from 20 November to 23 November 2018.

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