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Lectures on Computational Linguistics 2017

We are pleased to invite you to the second edition of Lectures on Computational Linguistics, a two-day event featuring tutorials on foundational topics in Computational Linguistics that will take place at University of Pavia on May, 4-5 2017 (see first edition held in Trento in 2016).

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L'italiano al plurale: istruzioni per l'uso

Il 7 aprile a Bologna si terrà l'evento "L'italiano al plurale: istruzioni per l'uso" organizzato da AITI (Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti).

Luisa Bentivogli sarà presente al Tech Corner dell'evento per presentare le tecnologie al servizio dei traduttori sviluppate dall'unità di ricerca HLT-MT.

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Techniques for text classification in biomedical domain

Supervision of the manual annotation of radiology reports done by two radiologists and implementation of a text classification system based on Machine Learning techniques.

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Festival delle Lingue

Dal 9 all'11 marzo 2017 si svolgerà la seconda edizione del Festival delle Lingue, occasione d'incontro e scambio tra docenti, studenti, famiglie, esperti e formatori.

Marcello FedericoLuisa Bentivogli presenteranno "La traduzione automatica e il futuro della professione del traduttore" (Workshop 32).

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IWSLT 2016

Paper presentation:

"The IWSLT 2016 Evaluation Campaign"
Mauro Cettolo, Jan Niehues, Sebastian Stuker, Luisa Bentivogli, Roldano Cattoni, Marcello Federico

Poster presentation:

"FBK’s Neural Machine Translation Systems for IWSLT 2016"
M. Amin Farajian, Rajen Chatterjee, Costanza Conforti, Shahab Jalalvand, Vevake Balaraman, Mattia A. Di Gangi, Duygu Ataman, Marco Turchi, Matteo Negri, Marcello Federico

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Speech technology @ Trento: a retrospective view

Symposium in memory of Gianni Lazzari

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Seminar "From Academia to Industry: Smoother Transition" by Yashar Mehdad

Being in graduate school, it seems likely that the most appealing option is to remain in the academic tower. It’s reasonable to see why — the environment you are surrounded with encourages you to follow this career path. However, taking a glance at the Ph.D. labor market proves that the number of PhD graduates annually highly exceeds the number of positions available. In this interactive talk, I first convince you that academia is not the only choice to pursue your career path and brief you on some very interesting research projects in the high-tech industry. Language English

HLT-MT Seminar

Ontology Learning in the Deep

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Translating Europe Forum 2016

Invited presentation: "Context-adaptive Machine Translation system"

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AMTA 2016

Marcello Federico will present "An Arabic-Hebrew parallel corpus of TED talks" by Mauro Cettolo at the AMTA Workshop on Semitic Machine Translation (SeMaT)

Marcello Federico will present "Machine Translation Adaptation from Translation Memories in ModernMT" at the AMTA Commercial Users Track

Matteo Negri will present "Instance Selection for Online Automatic Post-Editing in a multi-domain scenario" by
Rajen Chatterjee, Mihael Arcan, Matteo Negri and Marco Turchi

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EMNLP 2016

Marcello Federico will present the paper:

Neural versus Phrase-Based Machine Translation Quality: a Case Study
Luisa Bentivogli, Arianna Bisazza, Mauro Cettolo and Marcello Federico

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La ricerca va in città

Marcello federico gives the flash talk "Un cervello artificiale per tradurre" to high school students.

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Analysis and processing of temporal information in Basque and the creation of an annotated corpus

In the context of temporal processing, Begoña Altuna will describe the linguistic analysis of temporal constructions, the adaptation of a mark-up language for temporal information, the creation of an annotated corpus and the development of a tool for Basque temporal expression extraction and normalisation.

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On May 13, within the EUCLIP-Contest, students from two schools in Trento and Bolzan are asked to identify semantic entities in different languages, supported by Active Learning computerized systems used within the EUCLIP research activities.

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Lectures on Computational Linguistics

"Lectures on Computational Linguistics" is a two-day event featuring tutorials on Lexical Resources, Syntactic Annotation, Distributional Semantics, Machine Translation. The event is organized by the Doctoral School of Linguistic Sciences of University of Bergamo-Pavia and by Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

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Lectures on Computational Linguistics

A two-day event featuring tutorials on topics in Computational Linguistics.

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Car Wars Workshop and Hackathon

The NewsReader Workshop and Hackathon will be an occasion to show the project's technology and its results.

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