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Two papers accepted at EACL 2017

The following short papers have been accepted at EACL2017:

Title: A Computational Analysis of the Language of Drug
Authors: Carlo Strapparava and Rada Mihalcea

Title: To Sing like a Mockingbird
Authors: Lorenzo Gatti, Gözde Özbal, Oliviero Stock and Carlo Strapparava

Paper to be presented at AI*IA

Simone Magnolini, Ngoc Phuoc An Vo and Octavian Popescu. Analysis of the Impact of Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics for Semantic Textual Similarity

Presentation at Translating Europe Forum 2016

"Context-adaptive Machine Translation system"
Marcello Federico

Language English

Paper accepted in LRE Journal

Creating a Ground Truth Multilingual Dataset of News and Talk-Show Transcriptions through Crowdsourcing
Rachele SprugnoliGiovanni MorettiLuisa BentivogliDiego Giuliani 

Language English

Paper accepted at FETLT 2016 - Future and Emerging Trends in Language Technologies, Machine Learning and Big Data

Title: Bootstrapping Technique + Embeddings = Emotional Corpus Annotated Automatically
Authors: Lea Canales, Carlo Strapparava, Ester Boldrini and Patricio Martinez-Barco

Four papers accepted at CLiC-it 2016

"LICO: A Lexicon of Italian Connectives", "Comparing State-of-the-art Dependency Parsers on the Italian Stanford Dependency Treebank", "Semantic Interpretation of Events in Live Soccer Commentaries", and "Grounding the Lexical Sets of Causative-Inchoative Verbs with Word Embedding"

Paper accepted at CLiC-it 2016

Online Automatic Post-Editing across Domains
Rajen Chatterjee, Gebremedhen Gebremelak, Matteo Negri, Marco Turchi

Language English

Presentation at AMTA 2016 Commercial Users Track

Machine Translation Adaptation from Translation Memories in ModernMT
Marcello Federico

Language English

Paper accepted at AMTA 2016

Instance Selection for Online Automatic Post-Editing in a multi-domain scenario
Rajen Chatterjee, Mihael Arcan, Matteo Negri and Marco Turchi

Language English

Long paper accepted at IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics

Title: Exploiting a Bootstrapping Approach for Annotating Emotions in Texts Automatically
Authors: Lea Canales, Carlo Strapparava, Ester Boldrini and Patricio Martinez-Barco

Short paper accepted at EMNLP 2016

Title: Learning to Identify Metaphors from a Corpus of Proverbs
Authors: Gözde Özbal, Carlo Strapparava, Serra Sinem Tekiroglu and Daniele Pighin

Long paper accepted at EMNLP 2016

Neural versus Phrase-Based Machine Translation Quality: a Case Study
Luisa Bentivogli, Arianna Bisazza, Mauro Cettolo and Marcello Federico

Language English

Paper accepted in Natural Language Engineering

A transformation-driven approach for recognizing textual entailment

Roberto Zanoli and Silvia Colombo

Paper accepted in the DATABASE journal

A knowledge-poor approach to chemical-disease relation extraction
Firoj Alam, Anna Corazza, Alberto Lavelli, and Roberto Zanoli
Database Vol. 2016, baw071 doi:10.1093/database/baw071

Release of the WAGS dataset

WAGS, the English/Italian Word Alignment Gold Standard has been released. You can download it here

Language English

Two demo papers accepted at ACL 2016

Masoud Jalili Sabet, Matteo Negri, Marco Turchi, José G. C. de Souza and Marcello Federico

Shahab Jalalvand, Matteo Negri, Marco Turchi, José G. C. de Souza and Falavigna Daniele

Language English

Poster presentation at EAMT 2016

"Modern MT: A New Open-Source Machine Translation Platform for the Translation Industry"
U. Germann,  E. Barbu, L. Bentivogli, N. Bertoldi, N. Bogoychev, C. Buck, D. Caroselli, L. Carvalho, A. Cattelan, R. Cattoni, M. Cettolo, M. Federico, B. Haddow, D. Madl, L. Mastrostefano, P. Mathur, A. Ruopp, A. Samiotou, V. Sudharshan, M. Trombetti, J. van der Meer

Language English