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A Computational System for Poetry Style Analysis and an Expressive Poetry Reader

We present a system that computes an extended number of linguistic parameters to evaluate a poem, a set or collection of poems and compares the results.

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Enriching the Neural Network Language Model with Linguistic Information for Improving the ASR output

In this work, we introduce two solutions for two major issues: 1) How to, effectively, use the Neural Network Language Model (NNLM) in ASR decoder; 2) How to improve the NNLM performance using linguistic information. For the former, we propose rescoring the theories in the stack of A* search, instead of rescoring the final N-best lists; and for the latter we propose a new deep structure for representing the linguistic information.

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Advances in Word Reordering Modeling for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation

We discuss the word reordering issue in phrase-based SMT and present some approaches to enhance the standard word reordering constraints

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Bridging NLP and semantic web to enhance user interactions with the web of data

We address the development of methods for a flexible mapping between natural language expressions, and concepts and relations in structured knowledge bases

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Learning Corpus Patterns Using Finite State Automata

We argue that natural language has computationally discoverable regular properties characterizing a certain type of phrases

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Context-based Language Model Adaptation for Lecture Translation

We focus on topic adaptation for language modeling to improve the fluency of translations, both through word choice and small reordering decisions

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