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On May 13, within the EUCLIP-Contest, students from two schools in Trento and Bolzan are asked to identify semantic entities in different languages, supported by Active Learning computerized systems used within the EUCLIP research activities.

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Lectures on Computational Linguistics

"Lectures on Computational Linguistics" is a two-day event featuring tutorials on Lexical Resources, Syntactic Annotation, Distributional Semantics, Machine Translation. The event is organized by the Doctoral School of Linguistic Sciences of University of Bergamo-Pavia and by Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

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Car Wars Workshop and Hackathon

The NewsReader Workshop and Hackathon will be an occasion to show the project's technology and its results.

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CLiC-it 2015

The second edition of the Italian Computational Linguistics Conference

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Deep Learning with Neon Framework by Nervana Systems

The talk will cover some introduction about Neon, how to setup the framework, and how to use it for NLP tasks.

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TAL e Beni Culturali

The "TAL e Beni Culturali" workshop promotes synergies between humanities and technologies in Natural Language Processing

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Computing News Storylines 2015 (NewsStory 2015)

The First Worskop on Computing News Storylines (CNewS 2015) aims at bringing together researchers and scientists working on narrative extraction and representation from news within Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence.

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Deep and Large-Scale Semantic Processing: The Way Ahead

The workshop on “Deep and Large-Scale Semantic Processing: The Way Ahead” is an opportunity to discuss some of the major trends in Semantic Processing of Natural Language, with a specific focus on balancing the need of a deep analysis with the need to process big-data

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Automatic detection of event factuality in Italian

Presentation of internship work on event factuality detection in Italian news

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Speech Production in Automatic Speech Recognition Systems

This presentation will focus on ASR combininig acoustic data with information about the vocal tract movements during speech production

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Seminar on the use of Kaldi

Recent results achieved on the TED talk transcription task with Kaldi

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MT Marathon 2014

The Machine Translation Marathon 2014 is a week long event which will include MT lectures and labs, talks about open source tools for MT, and open source MT hacking projects.

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A Computational System for Poetry Style Analysis and an Expressive Poetry Reader

We present a system that computes an extended number of linguistic parameters to evaluate a poem, a set or collection of poems and compares the results.

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Enriching the Neural Network Language Model with Linguistic Information for Improving the ASR output

In this work, we introduce two solutions for two major issues: 1) How to, effectively, use the Neural Network Language Model (NNLM) in ASR decoder; 2) How to improve the NNLM performance using linguistic information. For the former, we propose rescoring the theories in the stack of A* search, instead of rescoring the final N-best lists; and for the latter we propose a new deep structure for representing the linguistic information.

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Advances in Word Reordering Modeling for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation

We discuss the word reordering issue in phrase-based SMT and present some approaches to enhance the standard word reordering constraints

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Bridging NLP and semantic web to enhance user interactions with the web of data

We address the development of methods for a flexible mapping between natural language expressions, and concepts and relations in structured knowledge bases

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Learning Corpus Patterns Using Finite State Automata

We argue that natural language has computationally discoverable regular properties characterizing a certain type of phrases

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