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HLT-NLP participation at the Google NLP PhD Summit 2015

Student Ngoc Phuoc An Vo has been selected for the Google NLP PhD Summit 2015, which will be held at Google Zurich on 23 - 26 Setember 2015.

Two Long papers accepted at IJCAI 2015

- Slogans are not forever: Adapting Linguistic Expressions to the News
- Looking at Mondrian's Victory Boogie-Woogie: What do I feel?

HLT-NLP participation at SemEval 2015

Four oral presentations (three task organization and one system description) three system description posters by HLT-NLP researchers

Long paper accepted at Metaphor in NLP 2015

Serra Sinem Tekiroğlu, Gözde Özbal and Carlo Strapparava. Exploring Sensorial Features for Metaphor Identification

Long paper accepted at NAACL 2015

Marco Guerini, Gözde Özbal and Carlo Strapparava. Echoes of Persuasion: The Effect of Euphony in Persuasive Communication

Book Chapter

Carlo Strapparava and Rada Mihalcea. Affect detection in texts. In R. Calvo et al. editors, Oxford Handbook of Affective Computing. Oxford University Press, December 2014.

Journal Paper

Octavian Popescu and Carlo Strapparava. Time corpora: Epochs, opinions and changes. Knowledge-Based Systems Journal, 69:3—13, October 2014.

Round table "Time and Language" in Genoa

Round table Time and Language at "Festival della Scienza" in Genoa

Long paper accepted at CogALex 2014 workshop of COLING 2014

Serra Sinem Tekiroğlu, Gözde Özbal and Carlo Strapparava. A Computational Approach to Generate a Sensorial Lexicon

Long paper accepted at EMNLP 2014

Serra Sinem Tekiroğlu, Gözde Özbal and Carlo Strapparava. Sensicon: An Automatically Constructed Sensorial Lexicon

MT Marathon in Trento

The 2014 edition of the MT Marathon, organised by the HLT group at FBK, will start next week


Four Papers accepted in COLING 2014

Short paper accepted at ACL 2014

Automation and Evaluation of the Keyword Method for Second Language Learning.
Gözde Özbal, Daniele Pighin and Carlo Strapparava