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Short paper accepted at EMNLP 2016

Title: Learning to Identify Metaphors from a Corpus of Proverbs
Authors: Gözde Özbal, Carlo Strapparava, Serra Sinem Tekiroglu and Daniele Pighin

Long paper accepted at EMNLP 2016

Neural versus Phrase-Based Machine Translation Quality: a Case Study
Luisa Bentivogli, Arianna Bisazza, Mauro Cettolo and Marcello Federico

Language English

Paper accepted in Natural Language Engineering

A transformation-driven approach for recognizing textual entailment

Roberto Zanoli and Silvia Colombo

Paper accepted in the DATABASE journal

A knowledge-poor approach to chemical-disease relation extraction
Firoj Alam, Anna Corazza, Alberto Lavelli, and Roberto Zanoli
Database Vol. 2016, baw071 doi:10.1093/database/baw071

Release of the WAGS dataset

WAGS, the English/Italian Word Alignment Gold Standard has been released. You can download it here

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Two demo papers accepted at ACL 2016

Masoud Jalili Sabet, Matteo Negri, Marco Turchi, José G. C. de Souza and Marcello Federico

Shahab Jalalvand, Matteo Negri, Marco Turchi, José G. C. de Souza and Falavigna Daniele

Language English


On May 13, within the EUCLIP-Contest, students from two schools in Trento and Bolzan are asked to identify semantic entities in different languages, supported by Active Learning computerized systems used within the EUCLIP research activities.

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Poster presentation at EAMT 2016

"Modern MT: A New Open-Source Machine Translation Platform for the Translation Industry"
U. Germann,  E. Barbu, L. Bentivogli, N. Bertoldi, N. Bogoychev, C. Buck, D. Caroselli, L. Carvalho, A. Cattelan, R. Cattoni, M. Cettolo, M. Federico, B. Haddow, D. Madl, L. Mastrostefano, P. Mathur, A. Ruopp, A. Samiotou, V. Sudharshan, M. Trombetti, J. van der Meer

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Lectures on Computational Linguistics

"Lectures on Computational Linguistics" is a two-day event featuring tutorials on Lexical Resources, Syntactic Annotation, Distributional Semantics, Machine Translation. The event is organized by the Doctoral School of Linguistic Sciences of University of Bergamo-Pavia and by Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

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Short Paper accepted at ACL 2016

"An Unsupervised Method for Automatic Translation Memory Cleaning"
Masoud Jalili Sabet, Matteo Negri, Marco Turchi and Eduard Barbu

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Paper at LREC 2016 Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Translation Memories (NLP4TM)

"First Shared Task on Automatic Translation Memory Cleaning: Preparation and Lessons Learned"
Eduard Barbu, Carla Parra Escartín, Luisa Bentivogli, Matteo Negri, Marco Turchi, Marcello Federico, Luca Mastrostefano, Constantin Orasan

Language English

Paper at LREC 2016 Workshop on Translation Evaluation

"The IWSLT Evaluation Campaign: Challenges, Achievements, Future Directions"
Luisa Bentivogli, Marcello Federico, Sebastian Stüker, Mauro Cettolo, Jan Niehues

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Paper at LREC 2016

"WAGS: A Beautiful English-Italian Benchmark Supporting Word Alignment Evaluation on Rare Words"    
Luisa Bentivogli, Mauro Cettolo, M. Amin Farajian, Marcello Federico.

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Lectures on Computational Linguistics

A two-day event featuring tutorials on topics in Computational Linguistics.

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FactA @ Evalita 2016

In the contest of Evalita 2016, we are co-organizing FactA (Event Factuality Annotation), the first evaluation exercise for factuality profiling of events in Italian.

One paper accepted at Q4APS, WWW 2016

Title: Identifying User Issues and Request Types in Forum Question Posts based on Discourse Analysis

Authors: Agnes Sandor, Nikolaos Lagos, Ngoc Phuoc An Vo, Caroline Brun.

Four papers accepted at LREC 2016

"MEANTIME, the NewsReader Multilingual Event and Time Corpus", "Annotating opposition relations among Italian verb senses using crowdsourcing", "Classifying Temporal Relations with Simple Features", and "Corpora for Learning the Mutual Relationship between Semantic Relatedness and Textual Entailment"

Paper accepted in Computational Linguistics

A. Bisazza, M. Federico, "A Survey of Word Reordering in Statistical Machine Translation: Computational Models and Language Phenomena", Computational Linguistics, 2016. (Accepted for publication)

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