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Word alignment methods

Final presentation of summer internship student. 

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TMop -- Translation Memory open-source purifier

Final presentation of our summer Internship student sponsored by the EAMT. 

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Presentation at the TAUS Conference

Marcello Federico presented the MMT project at the TAUS Annual Conference, 12-13 October 2015, San Josè, California.

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CLiC-it 2015

The second edition of the Italian Computational Linguistics Conference

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Deep Learning with Neon Framework by Nervana Systems

The talk will cover some introduction about Neon, how to setup the framework, and how to use it for NLP tasks.

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Presentations @ Google NLP PhD Summit 2015

Our students Josè Camargo de Souza, Nick Ruiz and Amin Farajian participated to the Google NLP PhD Summit 2015, held at Google Zurich on 23 - 26 September 2015.

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HLT-MT @ Researchers' Night

The HLT-MT unit will be present at the Researcher's Night event. The general theme of our boot will machine translation, with a particular focus and the "word alignment technology" used to train statistical machine translation systems.  The even will be attended by Luisa, Matteo and Marcello.

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Presentation at Facebook's Faculty Summit

Marcello Federico attended the Facebook Faculty Summit that was held in London on 22 Sept 2015.  About 100 people were invited to the meeting,  including FB people from USA and Europe and externals from Europe. The meeting was organised in four separate tracks: machine learning, security, programming languages, and systems. The purpose of the meeting was to update participants about FB's research agenda and activities and to foster collaborations with the invited researchers.  MF gave a short presentation about the ideas developed in MateCat and the MMT project. 

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Best Student Paper Award at INTERSPEECH 2015

I'm glad to announce that Nick Ruiz was awarded the Best Student Paper Award at the INTERSPEECH Conference in Dresden (Germany) for the joint FBK-Microsoft research paper:

"Adapting Machine Translation Models toward Misrecognized Speech with Text-to-Speech Pronunciation Rules and Acoustic Confusability"

by Nicholas Ruiz, Qin Gao, William Lewis, Marcello Federico.

INTERSPEECH is among the world largest conferences on Speech and Language Technology (746 papers presented this year).

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Photo with Summer Internship Students

Thanks to Ondrej for sending us this nice picture, taken on 27 August 2015!

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HLT-NLP participation at the Google NLP PhD Summit 2015

Student Ngoc Phuoc An Vo has been selected for the Google NLP PhD Summit 2015, which will be held at Google Zurich on 23 - 26 Setember 2015.

Two Long papers accepted at IJCAI 2015

- Slogans are not forever: Adapting Linguistic Expressions to the News
- Looking at Mondrian's Victory Boogie-Woogie: What do I feel?

CloudASR: A Web Platform for Automatic Speech Recognition

In this talk I will present a cloud platform for automatic speech recognition, CloudASR, built on top of Kaldi speech recognition toolkit. The platform supports both batch and online speech recognition mode and it has an annotation interface for transcription of the submitted recordings. The key features of the platform are scalability, customizability and easy deployment. Benchmarks of the platform show that the platform achieves comparable performance with Google Speech API in terms of latency and it can achieve better accuracy on limited domains.

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TAL e Beni Culturali

The "TAL e Beni Culturali" workshop promotes synergies between humanities and technologies in Natural Language Processing

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eBay sponsorship

We are glad to acknowledge a financial gift from eBay Inc. to Marcello Federico in order to support research activities by the PhD students working in the HLT-MT research unit. 

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Short papers accepted at ACL 2015

List of the short papers accepted at ACL 2015

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HLT-NLP participation at SemEval 2015

Four oral presentations (three task organization and one system description) three system description posters by HLT-NLP researchers